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Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre

After a brief stint working on IP-based franchises rather than creating his own films, Guy Ritchie underwent a Shyamalan-esque B-movie reinvention, having disappeared into the Hollywood machine. The big-budget productions of Aladdin, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and The Man from Uncle, which some fondly remember but most wisely forgot, have given way to a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. While he hasn’t necessarily reverted back to his roots, he has chosen to focus on his strengths rather than solely on financial gain. Ritchie has gone from having a boss to being the boss.


Orson Fortune, a skilled agent, and his team are faced with a dangerous situation as a new weapons technology threatens to cause chaos in the world. To aid them in their undercover mission, they enlist the help of a major Hollywood movie star. This unlikely group travels around the world to put a stop to the sale of the deadly technology and prevent a potential disaster.


Duration: 114 min

IMDb: 6.7


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