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Bholaa Full Movie Hindi Download and Watch

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Bholaa Movie Release Date

Ajay Devgan’s new movie is set to be released on 30th march 2023 in theaters.

Where To Watch Bholaa? (OTT/streaming platform)

Bholaa’s digital rights are held by Amazon prime Video, but it is yet to be announced when it will be available to watch Bholaa on Prime Video. expected release date on the prime video is after 45 days after the theatrical release date.

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Bhola, who has been incarcerated for a decade, is finally returning home to see his young daughter. However, his journey becomes arduous when he is detained midway. Initially, he is unaware of the severity of his situation, but after a chaotic incident occurs, he must navigate a path full of bizarre obstacles while facing the constant threat of death.

Bhola’s narrative resembles an action-packed drama, as his plans to reunite with his daughter following his release from prison are disrupted by an intricate sting operation, complete with thrilling chase sequences and unexpected plot twists.

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Duration: 135 min



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