Avatar 2: The Way Of Water OTT Streaming Platform & Release Dates

Posted 2022/11/090

After the massive success of Avatar (2009), Avtar 2 / Avatar: The Way Of water is releasing this year. aside from the previous cast, Vin Diesel & Michelle Yeoh are also playing roles in the sequel. Avatar 2 is also directed by James Cameron, and his previous films like Titanic, Avatar, Terminator, Rambo, and Alien, are well-known and popular worldwide.

Avatar 2 Budget

James Cameron started filming Avatar 2 and 3 at the same time in 2017. Avatar 2 has a budget of 2000 Crore in Indian rupees (250 Mill USD). Avatar 2 will be released in English, Hindi & other 158 languages worldwide.

Avatar 2 Release Date In India

2022’s Most Awaited movie, Avatar 2 will be released in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada on 16 December 2022, with the longest runtime of 3 hrs & 10 min

Avatar 2 Plot Summary

After the battle in the Avatar (2009) movie, Jake Sully permanently shifted in his Na’vi body, He finally has a family now. but when the human resurfaces on pandora again, Jake and Neytiri leave home to find a new region and unite against the common enemy.

Avatar 2 Trailer & Teasers

Avatar 2 trailer was released on 2 November 2022. And on youtube, it got 32 Million Views in 7 days and 826k likes. And the Avatar 2 trailer In Hindi got 7.3 Million Views with 146k likes.

Avatar 2 Ott Release Dates & Digital Rights

The official digital release date is not announced yet, But the digital rights are purchased by Disney, And upon its digital release, it will be available to watch online from Disney + Hotstar.

Avatar is the most awaited film of 2022, you can expect it to be released on streaming services, after 80-90 days from its theatrical release. That means the 2nd – the 3rd week in march 2023.

Where To Watch Avatar 2 / Avatar: The Way Of Water

like Avatar (2009), Avatar 2 has the same crew with better equipment, visuals, and CGI will be as good as, or better than the first movie. Watching this movie in a big 3d Theater is recommended.

And You can Book a sit at your nearest movie theater from


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