Avatar (2009) – WATCH GUIDE & REVIEW

Posted 2021/09/091

In the future, a wheelchair-bound marine is sent to a distant planet named Pandora. There he discovers that the planet is inhabited by aliens who are threatened by their presence. Now he has to choose between following his superiors or saving the alien civilization.

Where Can I Watch Avatar 2009 Movie Online?

Indian viewers can watch this movie from Hotstar, or rent/buy it from youtube and Apple Tv. Also, in The United States people can watch this movie on Disney + or you can rent or purchase this movie from Youtube, Vudu, Redbox, there is more option for renting & Buying but these are the popular platforms.

Rent Price: India – 120 rs || US – $3.99

Buy At: India – 490 rs || US – $9.99

The United States |

How Can I Watch Avatar 2009 Movie For Free?

Avatar movie is not yet free, If any Streaming Service is willing to provide this movie for free it will be updated here.

Avatar 2009 Review – Is This Movie Worth Watching?

Avatar movie is one of the best and my one of favorite sci-fi movies out there. Although it’s released in 2009, the quality of the CGI and locations are stunning, I can’t even compare it to any movie even after a decade of its release.

Not just the quality of the film, the story and choreography are excellent. There are a lot of Hollywood movies available that features alien concepts, but this one portrays not just Aliens, the amazing world of pandora.

From Animals, plants, to birds and insects. You can feel that you are visiting another planet. And the action sequences will always make your a bit anxious. that’s how good the movie is. It’s 100% worth watching even if you are not a big fan of Sci=fi movies. And it’s a 10/10 movie, in my openion.


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