The Kashmir Files – WACTH Guide, OTT Release Date & Review

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The Kashmir Files movie is based on real-life events that happened in 1990 in Kashmir valley. The story tells the events of Hindi Pandits and how they are killed and forced to leave their homes cause of Islamic militants’ attacks.

Did You Know:

India’s current Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the movie and quoted “The Truth Was Suppressed For Years, Now Someone’s Trying To Show It” (source).

Also, The Kashmir Files Movie is now Tax-Free in Uttar Pradesh.

The Kashmir Files NEWS Updates!

Omar Abdullah, former chief minister of Jammu Kashmir said “there are many things wrong with this movie” Source: Times Of India

The Kashmir Files Release Date

The Kashmir Files was Released On 11 March 2022 in INDIAN Theaters

The kashmir Files Ott Release Date

The Kashmir Files movie was so hyped that filmmakers decided to release it early on ott platforms. It was planned to be released on OTT after 28 days of its theatrical release (11 March 2022). But now, The Kashmir Files will be released on OTT Platforms on 6 May 2022.

The Kashmir Files On Which OTT Platform?

The Kashmir Files movie will be released on Zee5 on 6 May 2022

Wll The Kashmir Files Be On Netflix?

No report says it will be in Netflix. So Probably not.

The Kashmir Files Watch Online – Where To?

The Kashmir files movie was released on 11 March (4 days ago), so currently, there is no option available to watch it online. But you can watch it from your nearest movie theaters.

To Buy Tickets or watch the schedule in cinemas, click on the book my show from below.

Is The Kashmir Files Movie Leaked?

During our research, we found this movie was leaked on Pirated sites like “betamoviez, 4hiidude”. but we advise our visitors to watch it from theaters or wait for it released on Zee5.

The Kashmir Files Box Office Collections

The Kashmir files is a blockbuster, it earned total Net 236 Crores by day 20 from India, and the worldwide collected 306 Crores rupees.

Days/ WeeksNet Collecion – Only INDIA
Week -197 Crores
Week-2109 Crores
Day 154.5 Crores
Day 167.6 Crores
Day 178.75 Crores
Day 183.1 Crores
Day 192.75 Crores
Day 202.25 Crores
Total 236 Crores

The Kashmir Files Movie Reviews

Reas popular opinion and reviews of The Kashmir Files Movie from popular News portals

“A disturbing take which grips and gripes in turns”

“Anupam Kher is the soul of this gut-wrenching film that’s brazen and brutal”

“A remarkable film that brings out gory truth about Hindu genocide in the Valley”

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That’s All the information related to the movie, If you watch the trailer or Already watched the movie, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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