Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Release Date is revealed

Posted 2022/04/070

MCU fans worldwide are waiting for a glimpse of thor love and thunder and wondering why it’s not yet released, especially when it’s going to be released in 3 months.

Film director Taika Waititi already excited many fans by commenting that this film is the craziest film he has ever done. And whenever MCU promises something, they certainly keeps them.

Thor 4’s director and, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, started promoting the movie on various media and channels. And many sources speculate the trailer will be released soon.

But not announcing anything related to the trailer, many fans are worried that the movie’s release might get delayed.

A recent photo of Chris, Taika and Tessa might reveal the trailer release date of Thor: Love and Thunder. In this photo, you can see three of them are not posing the same way, and some fans and media are suggesting this photo is showing a cryptic message, and they believe the numbers are the trailer’s release date.


And the date is believed to be: 11 April 2022. Is this just an ordinary image or a cryptic photo?

The answer can only be revealed on 11 April, And even if this date turns out to be inaccurate, you can expect thor love and thunder’s trailer between 15 April and 4 May.

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