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The Wheel of Time All Episodes -Streaming Guide



Where To Watch All Episodes Of The Wheel Of Time Series?

You can now watch this episode on Amazon Prime Video


Is The Wheel Of Time Worth Watching?

The wheel of time series’s first season is all about the journey & adventure of 5 individuals, They suffered a horrific incident in their hometown when the demons attacked, and it could be because one of those 5 might be the next dragon born, who is said to be the strongest of all mages. There is more to the story than magic and demons/monsters. it got quite the mystery and suspense. The audience could not predict what might happen next and who is the real dragon born. it’s definitely worth checking out. In my view, the story itself is a typical magical story, and I do feel like it could have been better. and I would rate it a 5/10.

Where Can I Watch The Wheel Of Time Series For FREE?

For now, it’s only available on the Prime video, No Free Alternative


Will there be a season 2 of The Wheel of Time?

There is not an Official Confirmed Date, but the showrunner for this series, Rafe Judkins mentioned that The Wheel of Time Season 2 might release after The Rings of Power’s premiere. Well basically he is satinging ti might be bettwen last 2 months of 2022 or next year.



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