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What If…? Season 1 (All Episodes)

Marvel’s really been doing their homework. Creating alternative universes that are closely tied to the original is a brilliant way of creating content that will certainly be loved by many.


What If…? Season 1 – Where To Watch All Episodes?

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What If Review:

What if the public becomes tired of seeing Marvel? It’s an important concern for Disney. For more than a decade, the hit comic-book universe has been the goose that keeps laying wonderful movies year after year after year. But what if one day it all comes to an end? People have begun to get bored with it.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking a different approach this time around in order to bring new things to their audience. They have created a few new series, like WandaVision and She-Hulk, and are going to invest in some women directors for the next phase.

Are these creative moves to break out ahead of the competition – or just more formulaic Hollywood fare? Only time will tell! Marvel’s What If…? uses existing creative material from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reanimates it in an experimental episodic animated series.

The latest example resurfaces during Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) time as Captain America, where Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) undertakes a clandestine experiment with the super soldier serum originally intended for him – becoming Captain Carter as a result.

Another episode follows T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) whose alien origins force him to become loner-turned-wide-eyed adventurer Star-Lord, but only in another dimension where the core Avengers are unexpectedly murdered before The Avengers assemble.

What If…? exists inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a lot of people have described the series as an interesting alternative for those who were disappointed in phase 3 ( which finished up last month) but I wouldn’t say that.

The first episode was very similar to *Agents of Shield’s* Inhumans pilot and it felt like it could easily be dismissed. It’s not groundbreaking TV just something that the millions upon millions of Marvel fans will probably enjoy incase they weren’t impressed by the latest movies or tv shows offered by Disney’s MCU.  



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TV Status: Returning Series

Duration: 34 min


TMDb: 8.6



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